Our goal is to create a world through which you can create a safe, healthy and imaginative environment for children everywhere. Our traditional wooden toys are designed to be passed down from generation to generation, spreading the gift of learning through play. All of our creations are sure to be bright, fun, and educational, as well as sustainable for our environment.

Maxim toys come in many shapes and sizes. Our collections span from classic wooden train sets, pretend food and kitchens, block sets, to toy vehicles, dollhouses, log house sets, and much more!

The EverEarth program seeks to produce toys while reducing our carbon footprint. Our vision is to inform children and parents about the environment along the way. We strive to give back and take less from our planet by taking steps to recycle whenever possible, repurposing waste product such as sawdust, utilizing solar energy in our production processes, and more.

In an effort to help keep the earth green, EverEarth introduces the Plant-A-Tree campaign. Plant-A-Tree enables kids and parents to participate in our forest expansion by having a personal tree planted in our FSC forest every time they buy an EverEarth toy.