We make all of the classic toys you grew up with, at a quality that makes sure you can pass these toys on from generation to generation.

Here at Maxim, we want to help create a safe and imaginative environment for children everywhere. For over 40 years, we’ve been designing toys in which safety, quality, and early education are the first priorities. Every product that hits the store shelves has been put through numerous, rigorous tests to ensure maximum safety. Our toys help toddlers and young children develop and reinforce manual dexterity, creativity, hand/eye coordination, color and number recognition and other important life skills. Wooden toys are naturally durable and tactile, perfect for little hands still learning gross and fine motor skills. These traditional toys can be enjoyed again and again through the generations.

We believe that environmental consciousness is crucial in helping to provide a beautiful world for our children. Our products are made from wood that has been harvested from government approved reforested land.

Our EverEarth program takes even more steps in eco-friendly practices. Our EverEarth division owns an FSC forest, and uses beechwood and bamboo for all products. All paints and stains are water based, which is safer and cleaner than oil based paint, and doesn’t use noxious thinner. Solar energy is implemented for water heating, cutting out 1653 tons of carbon dioxide emissions over the course of 10 years. Natural lighting is used as much as possible, the factories have even been designed with ceiling windows. Only areas of machine use are lit with bulbs, which are energy efficient.

Our facilities hold many certifications, including ISO 14064 Greenhouse Gas Calculation, ISO 14001 Environmental Management, FSC Forest Management, and also OCHAS 18001, a voluntary standard for occupational health and safety management systems.

Recycling is also very important to us in the factory and offices and on the store shelves. Our facilities recycle glass, paper, aluminum, plastic and batteries, and our packaging is made from recycled materials, that can then be recycled again. We find uses for materials commonly treated as waste, for example, the sawdust made from toy production is used to power factory humidifiers, and is also sold as fertilizer to local mushroom farms.

At Maxim, we want you to feel secure that our toys will provide a fun and safe learning experience, in a way that is sustainable for our planet.