E Lite Beach Blanket Pool


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Our patent pending E Lite™ collection introduces a Thermoplastic Polyurethane solution to contribute a number of innovations which result in incredibly light weight, waterproof, durable, and eco-friendly products. After you’re done lounging around on the beach, turn your eco-friendly blanket into a pool by digging a small hole, flipping the blanket over, and filling the waterproof pool with water from the ocean or lake with the handy carry bag that is also waterproof.

Awarded “Best Idea of the Year” By Magicmaman Magazine.


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Educational Features

Gross Motor Skills
Major physical milestones occur in the early years of ones life. Improving a child’s motor skills are important to their development.

Stimulates Senses
By evoking different senses, children engage in play on more levels than just touch and site. This encourages children to be more inquisitive and explore things in more depth.

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36 Months +

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70.9” x 70.9” (180 x 180 cm)